Highest Observation Deck In The Western Hemisphere Opening

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Take a casual stroll 1,100 feet in the air πŸ™€

What's the highest building you've ever stood on? One World Trade Center, Burj Khalifa, or does the daredevil seek something more? 

After years of watching this considerably tremendous, immensely massive structure rise up from the Hudson Yards grounds - it's finally finished. And dear, the 100 story building may evoke fear in the strongest of hearts. The highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere has officially set an opening for March 2020!

You can expect 360 degree views with unique vantage points to take in the entire skyline city from Central Park to the One World Trade Center. The entire deck is surrounded by frameless glass panels (big gulp) that boldly angle outwards, so hold your heart near as it may jump out of your chest walking onto the platform 80 feet out. 

Take a walk across the glass floor in the center of the platform to peek at the life happening below. If you're really feeling yourself, stroll the skyline steps complete with outdoor chairs that look over the edge of the deck.  

Excuse us while we wipe our tears of terror of excitment! 

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There will also be a champagne bar to enjoy a glass of bubbly 100 stories above the city. *Cue drinks in the air photos* 

When: March 2020

Where: 10 Hudson Yards 24th Floor, 347 10th Ave, New York, NY 10001 - Enter at level 4.

For more information and tickets.

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