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The Best Date Spots In San Francisco

By San Francisco Bucket List

For when you’re ready to get steamy in the foggy city 💞🌉

Take a city bursting with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, where an impressive 58% of us are single and ready to mingle. Mix in many of the world’s top rated restaurants, bars and stimulating activity venues to choose from. And what do you have? 

An incredible range of romantic—or even lightly adorable or just plain fun—things to do with your hot date tonight. Whether your looking to impress a budding S.O., want to delight a brand new Hinge-procured sweetie, or treating a long term love, we got you.

Foreign Cinema

(Photo Courtesy of Foreign Cinema)

The Foreign Cinema is redefining “dinner and a movie.” Right at home in the hipster Mission District, this restaurant projects classic films (currently the 1940 “Ed Wood,” next up: spoof-spy drama “Austin Powers”) on an outdoor screen while patrons enjoy dinner. Step out to their rosily-lit patio, adorned with romantic string lights and candle lit table tops, to enjoy the CA-Med dishes as much as the ambiance. 

Where: 2534 Mission St. 

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Reed and Greenough




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This handsome piano bar Reed and Greenough has all you need for a stylish date. The warm leather and wood design demonstrates your elevated and classic taste, double downed by the hand crafted cocktail selection made with—wait for it—honey from house hives. Plus, conversation running as dry as that second glass of oaky Chardonnay? Head to the back to break things up with pool or shuffle-puck.

Where: 3251 Scott St 

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Bloom Chocolate Salon 

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There is a science-backed link between eating chocolate and feeling love, and this doesn’t just have to come in handy for gift boxes on Valentines day. Modeled after the tea rooms of Paris, the Bloom Chocolate Salon turns cocoa-eating into a fine dining experience. The space is industrial-chic, but the menu makes you feel warm and childlike all the same. We recommend the “Signature Chocolate Service,” with chocolate soufflés, Earl Grey Profiteroles, biscuits and sandwiches, and more, served with a pot of hot chocolate or tea. 

Where: 2600 16th St (inside the 16th Street Chocolate Factory)

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Pagan Idol 

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What if you could feel like you where under the stars on a tropical getaway, without leaving the city? Romantic bliss—that’s what. Pagan Idol is a massive tiki bar (complete with a steamy, erupting volcano) that delivers just that. The ceiling is designed as a twinkling night sky, and guests pass through a ship-themed entrance to reach a spacious tropical foliage and koi pond area that will put you and your date in serene paradise peace. 

Where: 375 Bush St

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Mission Bowling Club

(Photo Courtesy of Myleen Hollero)

A self-described “boutique bowling alley,” Mission Bowling Club is an artfully designed and award-winning restaurant and bar with six retro lanes for you and your date to enjoy. Dinner could be an upscale comfort meal—like their mouthwatering Mission Burger—or you could just split a charcuterie board. At a bowling alley. Charcuterie.

Where: 3176 17th St

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The Riddler Champagne Bar

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Is there anything better than a bar for a first date? Answer: A champagne bar. Hayes Valley resident The Riddler serves sparkling wine in this old-world glamorous and impossibly chic corner bar—seriously, you have to see their insta. Their list boasts 25 bubblies from around the world, and diners can select fruit and dark chocolate to garnish (as well as self-serve popcorn all night). Bonus: their Grand Marnier pot de crème of tiny chocolate pearls is designed to look like caviar. C’est si bon!

Where: 528 Laguna St.

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Not sure if you want to do drinks or dinner? Flores meets you in the middle. The lively and bright Mexican spot sticks to traditional latino dishes and flavors (think sopes, plantains and crab tostadas), but doesn’t leave anyone out, providing plenty of “safe” options in case your tinder-match only eats quesadillas. Start with some margaritas for the table, and see where the night takes you. Spoiler: everything's delicious. 

Where: 2030 Union St

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Hike a Corona Heights Trail 

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View lovers, outdoor-activity fans, and pet owners can all find their fix in a quick hike at this spot. 

Start at the Corona Heights Park, which provides tennis courts, space for dogs to run and people to BBQ—so bring cold drinks and snacks to enjoy. From there, take one of several .5 mile-ish routes that summit on a red, rocky crown overlooking the city. You’ll be paralleled by a stunning display of wildflowers as you climb, and rewarded to a 360-degree view. 

Where: Roosevelt Way &, Museum Way 

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Wine bars are the romantic, dignified and relaxed members of the bar family—AKA: first date gold. Slipped into a side street in the Presidio Heights neighborhood, Scopo Divino’s cushioned chairs and maroon walls invite you and your date for a cozy evening. The small bar even hosts a live band 6 nights a week, but not so loudly you can’t hear your partner’s small talk.

Where: 2800 California St

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Urban Putt Miniature Golf Course

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Inside this electric Mission District location, Urban Putt elevates a nostalgic staple date. An entirely indoor mini-golf course–with glowing black-light walls, and hand-designed, high-tech infrastructure at each of the 14 holes–is at your service. Start at the cocktail bar to grab drinks for the course, then enjoy your night of neon putting. 

Where: 1096 S Van Ness Ave

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The View Lounge

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Could it really be so simple to find the SF bar with the most breathtaking view as choosing the one named “The View?” It can. Located on the 39th floor of the SoMa district’s Marriott Marquis, you’ll find a posh lounge surrounded by giant, arching windows that stunningly showcase the entire downtown. The titular view lives up to the hype no matter the weather or time (even Karl the Fog looks gorgeous rolling across the glass). Wonderful for dates new to the area.

Where: 780 Mission St (inside San Francisco Marriott Marquis

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Take a soak together at Onsen Bathhouse and Restaurant

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Inspired by Japanese bathing culture, Onsen is an intimate, peaceful spa and cafe residing in the Tenderloin district. For $38 each, you and your S.O. can enjoy a relaxing dip in the sentō (meaning communal bath), and be served hot tea as you do. When you’re done, you’ll be free to use the locker rooms to freshen up, then pop into the restaurant for Japanese small-bites or dessert to finish your evening. Likely too intimate for an early-on date, but great for longer term couples looking for a sensual and unique experience.  

Where: 466 Eddy Street

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The Villon




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It may only be pronounced “villain,” but there really is something about the bad ones isn’t there? Residing in the Proper Hotel, The Villon gets our blood pumping with gorgeous black marble and walls of aquatic blue, creating a richly decadent feel for its patrons. Come for the ambiance, stay for the 49 original and classic cocktails on the menu. 

Where: 1100 Market St

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NOPA is go-to restaurant material for pretty much everything, but especially a great date. The earthy, California-fare is a crowd pleaser but the outstanding cocktails are its secret weapon. A delicious, accessible menu with superb drinks served in a comfortable airy spot? Makes the only difficult part the wait. 

Where: 560 Divisadero St

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Alchemist Bar & Lounge

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Top-notch craft, steampunk decor and whimsey all converge in SoMa to bless us with the Alchemist. You can lead your date by the hand to this secretive second-floor location, and enjoy hand crafted cocktails utilizing “medicinal” tinctures and house made infusions. If you tire of lounging in the richly dark leather couches (doubtful), you can try your hand at shuffle-puck, or watch the projected silent films on the back wall. 

Where: 679 3rd St

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For couples looking to treat themselves without breaking the bank, look no further then loveable and urban-chic Trestle. The prefixed $39 three-course tasting menu is perfect for date night with a semi-serious beau, with a fantastic wine list to match. Plus, shout out to who ever made the alluring decision to paint the exposed brick wall charcoal black. 

Where: 531 Jackson St

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The Fillmore

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The Fillmore’s beauty will romanticize any band or preformance you and your sweetie want to see. Step into the main stage area to enjoy the show under a mystic purple aura, adorned with colorfully lit crystal chandeliers across the ceiling. Need a break? The upstairs auditorium hosts a quieter bar area and walls filled floor-to-ceiling with album posters to marvel at. 

Where: 1805 Geary Blvd

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Flour + Water ($$$)

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You may ask us, are we overhyping a pasta-focused restaurant? And we’re so glad you did—because we’re not. A decadent treat to share with a loved one (if you can snag a coveted reservation), Flour + Water provides a warm if not straightforward atmosphere to serve creative flavor combinations of absolutely heavenly pasta dishes. Guaranteed to awaken the Lady and the Tramp in us all.  

Where: 2401 Harrison

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Stay a night at Scarlet Huntington Hotel ($$$)

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If you’re seeking an anniversary or special occasion date, consider a staycation at the luxurious Huntington Hotel. The moroccan-inspired rooms blend sophistication with color, while offering stunning views of Grace Cathedral. Additionally, its world-class in-house Nob Hill Pool and Spa will leave you both on cloud 9. 

Where: 1075 California St

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