A 24/7 Krispy Kreme Flagship Is Set To Open In Times Square

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The Willy Wonka of Doughnuts. 🍩

Published February 04, 2020

Since we don't have enough temptation in Times Square, a 4,500-square-foot Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is set to open this spring on Broadway and 48th Street! The beloved 80-year-old brand will light up the world's largest Hot Light sign and bring visitors in from all over with immersive and interactive digital experiences. And doughnuts, of course. 

Step inside this life-size doughnut box to experience what can only be found at a Krispy Kreme. The Times Square Flagship will showcase the end-to-end doughnut making process - complete with endless doughnuts gliding along a conveyor belt and landing underneath a waterfall of glaze. This, my friend, is perfection. 

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As you continue on the doughnut's journey, your ultimate test will arrive in the form of a dozen. You may mistake the doughnut for a magician because right before your eyes, all 12 will disappear in a sugary fashion. Before you know it, a dozen doughnuts were just a figment of your imagination. Or so we've heard.

This flagship will offer numerous features including an exterior walk-up window where guests can purchase Original Glazed® Doughnut dozens and an interior “grab-and-go” counter (in case you just need to see the glazing happening).

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In addition to the Times Square Flagship, Krispy Kreme has announced 6 new shops that will open in NYC including Financial District, the Bronx/East Fordham, Harlem and the Upper West Side. They will also be re-opening a refurbished Penn Station shop!

When: This spring

Where: Times Square and more

(All photos courtesy of Business Wire via Press Release

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