The Mustache - Tom Selleck Themed Bar You Need To See

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I mustache for a cocktail!

Paying tribute to our favorite Magnum P.I. and a collection of mustache moguls, this wacky Austin bar has made its way to the Big H. With cocktails, games and even a hidden bar, what's not to love? (Nothing, the answer is nothing.) 

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Welcome to the adult wonderland. Adding another hotspot to the studded Washington Ave roster is HandleBar Houston. Priding itself as the old school vibe bar everyone needs, you’ll be sure to find no fuss of sparklers or bottle service. (Just a good time!) With drinks as good as their sense of humor and bartenders who only wear tropical shirts, this hotspot is sure to be your new favorite.  

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Although you won’t find any decor of mustaches, the place is crawling with references from some of the best mustaches to exist. Ever. Spicing up the game with their trendsetting mustache-themed cocktails like the Charlie Chaplin, Frida Kahlo or Cheech Martin, this studded drink menu is to die for. You can also enjoy these delicious drinks next to the lifesize Burt Reynolds mural. (Oh yes.) 

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As much as we love our mustache moguls, there is one that stands out amongst the crowd. And there's no shortage of love for him at HandleBar. Tom Selleck has made his mark here in Houston with a somewhat-shrine for all his adoring fans to pose next to. But it doesn’t stop there. Make your way to the back of the bar to find the Magnum Room, an entire mini-bar (inside the bar) dedicated to all things Tom. Definitely something we never knew we needed. 

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For all our friends looking for that perfect Instagram moment, look no further. Happy to say that this bar has one of the biggest neon signs in the city! But it doesn’t stop there. For all you beer lovers, take a trip outside to see their giant ‘Beer Me’ sign next to the rocking horses and giant seesaw. (Yes. You read that right.) 

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What more could we ask for? If you need us, you know where to look. 

Where: 5219 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

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