The Best Places To Catch The Blossoms This Season
The Best Places To Catch The Blossoms This Season

The Best Places To Catch The Blossoms This Season

All the best places to wake up and smell the cherry blossoms this spring season 🌸

Published March 22, 2021

New York City can get pretty dull during the winter months. Then, there comes a day when you're walking down the street and a pink blossoming tree reminds you of the warm months to come. We've rounded up a few of our favorite spots to see the Spring  blossoms in NYC.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 

(Photo Credit: Brooklyn Botanical Gardens)

Said to be the second largest cherry blossom bloom in the U.S., they are definitely worth making a trip to see. 

Pro Tip: If you're planning on heading to BK for a blossom-rendezvous, check their website to see which parts of the gardens have blossomed!

The Bridle Path in Central Park (Just West Of The Reservoir) 

(Photo Credit: Central Park Conservancy)

And all its glory. The entire park blossoms up during this period, with plenty of paths to choose from, which will you explore? 

Roosevelt Island 

These blossoms are definitely sought after. Grab your subway pass and take the Roosevelt Island Tramway over from the Upper East Side, 59th street.

The Conservatory Garden 5th Ave & 105th

(Photo Credit: Central Park Conservancy

If you don't go uptown, you may not know about this gem. Tucked on 5th Ave and 105th street, you'll find a fountain and a blooming garden surrounding it. 

Union Square 

There is nothing better than walking through the park on a farmers market day. Enjoy everything that nature has to offer, pick up some produce and enjoy the blooms! 

Ladurée Courtyard

This magical land of macrons is a patio heaven. With cherry blossoms surrounding you as you eat, the photo ops are endless in this land of pastels. 


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