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The Best Restaurants Offering Delivery in LA

By Los Angeles Bucket List

Because leaving your couch is overrated (and not advised).

Published March 17, 2020

Not wanting to brave LA traffic but still want to feast on some of the city’s token delights? In the age of Grubhub, Uber Eats and Postmates you don’t have to travel much farther than your front door to get some of the city’s best fare. 


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Dare we say… sushi delivery? Sugarfish’s signature warm, loose rice that contrasts with the cool fish still tastes just as good as ever delivery style. Plus, the delivery container labels exactly what you are eating and puts the sauces on the side. 

How to order: Postmates and Doordash

Halal Guys 

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Chicken, gyros, rice and their famous white and red sauces, what’s not to love? Halal Guys is the perfect hearty meal to be served in the middle of a Game of Thrones binge session. Plus a side of fries or falafel is always sure to please a crowd. 

How to order: Door Dash, Postmates, Grub Hub, Uber Eats

Vito’s Pizza

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You don’t need to be in Chicago or New York to get a really good slice. Vito’s Pizza has been dishing out a fantastic NYC style slice in the heart of WeHo for years. It has since expanded across the LA area making it easier for everyone to get a pie. Plus it has gluten free options so you don’t need to order multiple pizzas to please the crowd. 

How to order: Through their website, Grubhub, Postmates or Door Dash

Tocaya Organica

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Tocaya is healthy food disguised as comfort food. This hip and trendy take on Mexican is full of bold flavors and fresh ingredients. With vegan pepper jack queso, keto burrito bowls and cauliflower rice this is the perfect guilt free Mexican treat. 

How to order: Through their website.

Bagels and Brews

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Get your breakfast fix at this Orange County staple. You won’t get bored of any of their menu items anytime soon as they have 25 bagel varieties. From savory egg sammys to breakfast in a bowl, this cafe stacks up against bigger breakfast chains. Plus the themed bagels for holidays and major events add an extra flair to your order. 

How to order: Door Dash and Postmates 

Night + Market Song

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Get some of the city’s most acclaimed Thai food delivered right to your door. Their innovative take on traditional Thai food is sure to heat up your Netflix and chill sesh. Plus their Pastrami Pad Kee Mao is too die for. 

How to order: Caviar and Grubhub

è Stretto 

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Nothing hits the spot more than a great Italian deli sub and è Stretto will not disappoint. The subs, sandwiches and salads are all hefty sizes and will put you in a food coma.

How to order: Postmates and Door Dash


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This SoCal classic has quickly sprout up into a chain with locations through the Los Angeles area. The fresh take on Meditteran street food is sure to please any palate. Be sure to ask for extra sauce with each. 

How to order: Doordash or through their website.

Backyard Bowls

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What meal would be complete without something sweet at the end? And Los Angeles being the king of health food, order in an acai bowl to round out your meal. Better yet if you’re feeling under the weather order in one of their immunity boosting smoothies. 

How to order: Caviar and Doordash

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