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5 Ways To Support Local Businesses
5 Ways To Support Local Businesses

5 Ways To Support Local Businesses

Help save your favorite restaurants, bars and other local institutions. ❤️

Published March 26, 2020

During our day-to-day lives, we’re constantly supporting local businesses, often without even realizing. The morning latte we pick up on our morning commute, the beer we cheers during happy hour at the neighborhood bar – this general in-person foot traffic helps keep these businesses operating. With social distancing and ‘stay-at-home- orders in full effect, here are a few ways you can be there for some of your favorite businesses (without physically being there).

Order Delivery

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So you’re telling us to stay on our couch, order in and binge watch Netflix – plus pants are optional? Sounds like a typical Sunday afternoon to us. Craving a taste of the Mediterannean or the scent of some Spanish tapas? Maybe you’re not the best cook, or the thought of whipping up three meals a day is physically and mentally taxing (we hear you) – get your favorite foods delivered straight to your front door. Most importantly, every delivery order helps keep the lights on for small businesses during these quaran-times. Not sure where to order from? We’ve rounded up the best sign-up offers for all the food, alcohol and grocery delivery services.

Purchase Gift Cards

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Several businesses that rely on foot-traffic don’t have the means to stay open currently. Gift cards help put money right into businesses’ pockets, to ensure these closures are simply temporary. For restaurants and bars that are still delivering and doing take-out orders, gift cards allow them to continue paying their workers even if hours have been cut. Even if you can’t visit a local business now, save the gift card for a rainy day, a post-corona-celebration, your birthday brunch (half-birthday brunch for you Pisces and Aries) or when your roommate “accidentally” eats your leftovers (it’s happened before, it will happen again). 

Socializing will eventually replace self-distancing, and when it does make sure you have gift cards to your favorite local businesses on hand – plus, it’s something to look forward to.

Donate to Employee Relief Funds

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It’s time to come together, for each other. With modified business hours and restaurants shifting to take-out and delivery, workers’ pay and hours are being reduced. While ordering in helps keep these businesses open, some companies are going the extra mile to create employee relief funds. For example, some of our favorite Chicago joints – Happy Camper, Homeslice, Paradise Park – are taking 50% of all gift card proceeds and putting them directly into employee relief funds. You can sift through some available gift cards on our Bucket Listers shop.  

Buy Some Merch 

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You rep your favorite sports team and musical artist, why not your favorite business? A $20 meal brings us some instant gratification; A $20 graphic tee: lifetime of happiness.

Give A Shout Out On Social Media

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With social-distancing keeping us from socializing IRL, we’re inevitably spending more time online and staying connected through social media. Regardless of the size of your following, tagging local businesses and spreading the word can go a long way. Throw up an IG story of the mouthwatering Pad Thai you had delivered for lunch – it might just inspire one more person to order in that night.

(Cover images courtesy of Katz's Delicatessen and Harry Knight on Unsplash)

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