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See Your Hard Seltzer Flavor Based On Your Zodiac Sign
See Your Hard Seltzer Flavor Based On Your Zodiac Sign

See Your Hard Seltzer Flavor Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The cosmos have you covered for seltzer szn.

Published September 09, 2020

As we slowly make our return to society, the need for a drink in hand is more important now than ever. Though the weather may be turning slightly, seltzer season perseveres. While the extent of our quarantine decision-making involved whether to wear our heather grey sweatsuit or our navy blue one, we’re now faced with the challenging question: Which hard seltzer flavor shall I drink? It’s time to lounge on heated patios, maintain six feet distances, and let the stars decide your drink with these perfect sign-and-seltzer pairings. For those dark, cloudy days when you can’t decide between refreshing lemon or cooling cucumber (indecisive Gemini, we’re looking at you), the cosmos have you covered. 

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Air Signs: Pamplemousse


Generally speaking, as the most indecisive of the signs, Geminis may find even the easiest of questions like “Do I want to drink water or a seltzer right now?” quite challenging to answer. (The answer is always seltzer, you always want a seltzer). But fret not, pamplemousse is the perfect seltzer pair for adaptable and curious Gemini. As a natural-born socialite, you could divulge on a topic for hours, even your seltzer selection. Throw a name like pamplemousse in the mix and you’ll have at least two hours worth of material to work with starting with the French translation... grapefruit.


Libras tend to be charmers, and what’s more charming than a millennial pink-tinted can paired with a word like pamplemousse? Libra’s desire for balance will appreciate grapefruits’ various colors and flavors ranging from tart and intense to sweet and mild.


Aquari are fearless and love to take chances – so why not opt for a bevvy that you aren’t entirely convinced about. As one of the smartest signs, you’ll love calling other lesser intellectuals out for referring to it as grapefruit. You’re a curious visionary who will appreciate the unexpected flavor. 


Fire Signs: Cranberry


Aries move at a million miles a second, so they can’t be bothered to sit and ponder which seltzer flavor to drink. You’re not high maintenance so you need to just grab-and-go. Cranberry is a popular choice but still offers a bit of a kick. You’re impulsive with lots of energy, not dissimilar to the burst of a cranberry.


Popular Leo, meet popular cranberry. Leo is undoubtedly the cosmic queen of sass, with cran is the cocktail queen of class. Often the center of attention, Leos need a seltzer flavor that commands the attention of any drink as well – cosmopolitans, cran vodkas, the list goes on. You’re extra, over the top, loud and flashy and deserve a flavor to match. 


As the party sign, celebrate with cran. You’re not afraid to call BS – Who wants an elaborate flavor like prickly pear or blood orange citrus? Just start Sags off with a classy cran. You’re the most high maintenance of the zodiac signs, preferring the finer things in life and refusing to settle for anything less. 


Earth Signs: Lemon


You’re dependable, loyal, stable and practical – like a classic squeeze of lemon. You like to keep your life in balance between practicality and idealism. Lemon is simple yet luxurious – I mean there’s a reason you pair champagne with lemon for the uber elegant French 75. Plus, you’re always down to party it up.


Your thirst for adventure needs to be paired with a classic thirst quencher. You like new experiences, and you need a classic flavor that pairs well with absolutely anything new and exciting. You appreciate authenticity so you need a simple, straightforward, no-nonsense flavor. This truly earthy component will feed your nature-loving soul.


You’re classy – like a twisted lemon peel garnish – plus determined and straightforward. You work really hard and tend to overthink so you’ll need a refreshing flavor that keeps it easy breezy lemon squeezy to balance you out. 


Water Signs: Cucumber


Let’s be honest, you’re the mom (or dad, it’s 2020) of the group. You’re loyal and compassionate, which honestly is refreshing in this day and age. Know what else is refreshing? Cucumber. You tend to be on the softer side, so you need a soft, subtle hint of flavor.


You’re dynamic and mysterious and sometimes downright confusing. While people might expect you to go for a far-out flavor like pamplemousse, it’s so you to go with the unexpected, keep them on their toes and opt for cucumber instead. The subtle bitter taste definitely isn’t for just anyone, and neither are you. 

You’re dynamic, spunky, and always on top of your game - just like our friends the cukes. 


Ah Pisces, the dreamer. You’re easy-going and dare I say, chill as a cucumber? That was an easy one, sorry. With a base like cucumber to get your evening started, there’s no telling where your creativity will take you. 

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