A New Electrifying Mural Has Popped Up In Miami
A New Electrifying Mural Has Popped Up In Miami

A New Electrifying Mural Has Popped Up In Miami

An ode to Miami – a new mural celebrating Hispanic resiliency is unveiled on NW 6th Ave. πŸ’Œβš‘

Published December 11, 2020

In the darkness of the on-going pandemic, a wall of glowing, resilient beauty has come to honor the Hispanic community as they fight to maintain their health and livelihoods.

To bring this enthralling, interactive mural to life, JACK DANIEL'S® TENNESSEE APPLE—which blends the unique character of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey with crisp green apple liqueur—teamed up with acclaimed Cuban American Street and Fine Art artist ABSTRK.

Credit: ABSTRK Twitter Profile

The 20’ x 18’ magnificent piece serves as a heartfelt love letter to the city.

Its colors were “inspired by the diverse color palettes of Miami—from the sun-tinted beach skylines to the neon-bathed nightlife,” said ABSTRK. The mural also marks ABSTRK's first time integrating lighting elements; as he uses animated LED accents to capture the boundless energy of the city. 

As the year has held unprecedented challenges for Hispanic Miamians, emblazoned across the mural is “Carácter Fuerte Y Audaz,” which translates to “Strong and Bold Character.” 

The art installation is located on NW 6th Ave. between NW 24 & 26 Streets, and will exhibit throughout the holiday season until January 8.

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