A Glow-in-the-Dark Ramen Shop Is Popping Up In LA

Los Angeles Bucket List By Los Angeles Bucket List

Yes, glow in the dark ramen is now a thing and this traveling pop-up experience will be stopping in LA from July 3 to 21. 🍜✨

A completely off the grid, immersive ramen bar…


The world’s only glow-in-the-dark ramen shop - Nakamura.ke Mobile Kitchen - is making stops globally through 2020 and stopping in LA this July! 

The Nakamura-ke Mobile Kitchen is a mobile dining experience showcasing high-end glow-in-the-dark food and cocktails created by award-winning chefs and designers.

Over 1000 bowls of lumen ramen were served at their first pop-up location in early 2019 in Atlanta, GA. This May, Nakamura.ke began its global tour and will be making stops around the world through 2020; beginning with Charlotte, NC and Los Angeles, LA. More location announcements coming soon. 

Unlike a typical bar or club, the Nakamura-ke {House of Nakamura} is a totally immersive dining experience including theatrics, storytelling, art, and folklore.

But how might you ask does this ramen glow in the dark?! The Nakamura.ke team points to the supernatural but we heard a rumor there might be some quinine used in these delicious bowls, the same ingredient that gives gin-and-tonic its distinctive flavor and glows under a black light.

Tickets are required and going fast! Book your experience here. 


(Photos Courtesy of Nakamura.ke Mobile Kitchen)



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