The World's First 360 Degree Infinity Pool Could Be Coming To London

London Bucket List By London Bucket List

The plan for this incredible new pool, be 55 stories above London!

Hold your breath and prepare to take the plunge in this new modern marvel, a swimming pool atop one of London's newest architectural projects. In just a few short years, this pool will not only be a one-of-a-kind must-do experience, but will also be associated with a five-star hotel, which plans to occupy to highest floors of this new project.

Excuse me sir, but how do you get into the pool? Apparently, the designers geniusly eliminated the stairs and opted for a spiral staircase that elevates out of the pool floor. 

To top it all off (lots of pun intended), the water will be kept toasty using environmentally friendly means, heat generated through running the building's air conditioning system.

Photos Courtesy: Compass Pools

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