A New Rowing-Inspired Bootcamp Class is OPEN!

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Pull, pull, pull πŸš£πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Talk about pulling its weight – Rowgatta is the newest boutique fitness studio to hit NYC. This rowing-inspired bootcamp class is the perfect mix of cardio and high intensity–low impact exercise. In just 50 minutes, you'll rotate between a rowing machine and custom stationary bench where various pound weights, bands, and other fun fitness toys await. Say goodbye to the days of "Class, grab a 10lb, 20lb, and 30lb weight" – which would inevitably then lead to you fumbling back to your station...😜 The workout is challenging, yet familiar, making it perfect for any skill level. 

The facilities are so large that you don't have to worry about pushing through sweaty hoards of people as though you were getting off a 2nd Avenue subway stop during rush hour in the heat of summer. There is dedicated space downstairs for stretching – use a foam roller to loosen your muscles, try a plank for an added abs workout, or a personal fave, lay in savasana for some quick post-workout relaxation (read: nap). The locker rooms are expansive and fully outfitted with MALIN+GOETZ products, need we say more? There are three to four showers situated in each locker room, so yes, the workout will slot perfectly into your morning routine – just after your 10-minute Headspace guided meditation and right before your grande double shot light iced oat milk caramel macchiato. Bonus: Its close proximity to Union Square makes it accessible to countless subway lines – have we countered all of your "I can skip the gym today because..." excuses yet?  

Rowgatta is offering pricing plans for their Grand Opening Month and can also be booked via ClassPass.

For more info. 

(Photos courtesy of Rowgatta)

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