Guactober Is Here And It's Brilliant

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Dos Toros is making the month of October into GUAC-tober, and honestly, where has it been all our lives? 🥑

Dos Toros is celebrating 10 years of bringing joy through their taqueria and delicious guacamole. To celebrate this occasion, they have decided to grant the world with a t-shirt that will give you free guac for a month.

Since opening their first location in Union Square 10 years ago, Dos Toros has become an NYC staple for those looking to get their burrito fix. The San Francisco Bay Area inspired taqueria is celebrating the #DecadeOfDos the only way they know how - lots and lots of guacamole. To kick off October, they have decided to grant the world with a t-shirt that will give you free guac for a month.


Let us spell it out for you, any guest who walks into a Dos Toros wearing one of these exclusive shirts will receive free guacamole on one entree per transaction, available all locations, all month long. Rinse the shirt and repeat all month long!

So here's the deal, Dos Toros will be passing out these exclusive shirts from a specific drop point in the city. Only the first 30 people will receive a shirt. The line will start at the door, outside Dos Toros for each day. If your store has two entrances simply ask a cashier where the line will start.

Below is a list of locations where you can pick up a shirt. 

NYC: 2-3pm EST at Bryant Park

NYC: 5-6pm EST at Flatiron

NYC: 11-12pm at Maiden Lane

If the guacamole gods do not grant you a shirt on the allotted pickups, then Dos Toros will be putting up 10 shirts of each size up on their Shopify site. #DecadeOfDos

Take your chances.

And in case you needed some extra inspiration, here is a montage of guac images. 

*Insert poem about love for guac*

We didn't know anything could look so perfect until you came along. *winks at guacamole filled burrito*

Stay Tuned:
On 10/30 Dos Toros is giving away two entrees for $10 after 2 PM! Grab a friend, and go to to any Dos Toros location to claim this one-time-only celebratory deal! All locations. All day. 10/30. Happy Guactober Ya'll!

Don’t forget to keep up with Dos Toros full month of promotions via their Instagram.

For a full list of New York locations.

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