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Take A Look Inside The Iconic M&M'S World In NYC

By New York Bucket List

Get ready for your candy dreams to come true. ๐Ÿซ

Remember the feeling of walking into a friends house when you were younger and seeing a bowl of M&M'S sitting on the coffee table? Having the sudden urge to grab a handful and retain full reign over this bowl of the multi-colored chocolates?

Hold on to that feeling because that's how you'll feel at the M&M’S World store in NYC. 

Located in the heart of Times Square, features a huge range of exclusive M&M’S chocolates and merchandise, including specially-designed New York-themed M&M’S branded products. Get ready to Personalize your own M&M's just in time for the holidays.

The magic all began in 2012 when M&M'S World New York launched the personalized printer which will allow guests to create customized M&M'S right in the store. 

Store visitors can select from a variety of images, as well as create customized messages that will be printed on M&M'S candies in about two minutes.

1. You'll choose from 15 different colors and one mix blend.

2. Select two images and create two customized messages to feature on their personalized M&M'S blend.

There will be an array of clip art images, including the "Big Apple," "I Love NY," the Statue of Liberty, as well as sports teams!

We went ahead with Lady Liberty and our logo. 

Please turn your attention to some outstanding flavors that were our favorites. 

Please direct your attention to the left of this panel. White. Chocolate. Peanut. M&M'S. Nuff said. 

This was quite a divisive flavor, but some of us can't resist the power that Candy Corn holds - thus making our shortlist.  

 Keeping on trend with the white chocolate, this Pumpkin Pie flavor really hit the seasonal spot. 

Pumpkin Pie not your thing? That's okay, we're not offended. English Toffee has the same effect. Best recommended with a cup of coffee. 

You'll want to freeze these Mint Dark Chocolate ones as they will taste like a thin mint (cue happiness).

Where: 1600 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

When: 9AM - 12AM daily. 

Personalize your own M&M's!

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