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  • Win $1,000 to drink espresso martinis at 10 bars around NYC 🍸

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If Rosé is reserved for springtime, and Aperol Spritz for summer, it’s safe to declare that the Espresso Martini has full reign over not only Fall, but the cold winter months as well. Need a pick me up but also trying to turn up? Espresso Martinis are your answer. Enter: Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, an essential ingredient for making the ultimate Espresso Martinis. Made with 100% specialty-grade Arabica coffee beans, Mr. Black is all natural and ethically-sourced. You won't find any artificial ingredients or flavors in the bottle, just straight brew and booze – the perfect combination for surviving holidays with the family (Uncle John, we're looking at you 👀), kick-starting your post-quarantine social life, and gearing up for cuffing season. To brighten and even warm up these looming winter days, we’ve partnered with Mr. Black to give away $1,000 to enjoy this luscious libation at 10 bucket list worthy bars around the city. 

So here’s the rundown. You feel lucky. You enter the giveaway. You wish upon a shooting star. The shooting star pulls through. You win said giveaway. We give you $100 to each of the 10 bars below to enjoy some Espresso Martinis. Then 2020 turns out to not be so bad after all. So enter above, and tell your friends to enter as well. Because chances are, if they win, they won't be able to drink $1,000 worth of espresso martinis alone. Or maybe they can, which would be slightly impressive...and somewhat sad.

To get you even more excited (spoiler: you should already be excited by now,) here’s a look into the 10 select bars carrying Mr. Black Espresso Martinis:


Recently named the best bar in the world for the second year in a row, Dante provides an array of coffee-tinted thirst-quenchers. Yet nothing is quite as delightful as their tried-and-true Espresso Martini. Featuring Grey Goose vodka, Mr. Black liqueur and fresh espresso, you’ll understand Dante’s world class title after one simple sip.

Le Crocodile at the Wythe Hotel

Reserve a table on Le Crocodile’s Garden Terrace or Sidewalk Café, and transport yourself to Paris – fit with French fare and strong spirits. Our favorite thing about Le Crocodile? Said strong spirits aren’t reserved for evening celebrations – you can find their Espresso Martini featured on their brunch menu.

White Horse Tavern

This West Village classic, shortened by some to simply “The Horse,” is a reliable go-to for friendly catch-ups and bar snacks. The dark horse on the White Horse’s menu? Their espresso martinis–on tap. 

Angel’s Share

Quite possibly the only thing better than enjoying a divine espresso martini inside of your favorite bar is enjoying one (with the same great taste) in the comfort of your home (where pants are totally optional). Angel’s Share gives you the option to do either. Or both. Who cares? *Clink, clink*


Strangeways is rustic done right in the middle of Williamsburg. The new outdoor-only tavern and wine garden boasts a unique cocktail menu and curated selection of natural wines. Oh, and their expanse of lush plants are not to be ignored.

Bathtub Gin

A coffee shop by day and bar by night. Meet Bathtub Gin: a dark and fabulously ornate speakeasy in Chelsea. The gin-centric cocktails build on classic drinks from 1920s America, keeping them classically styled, while adding subtle modern enhancements and exquisite touches. 

Café Salmagundi

Inspired by the NYC experience, Café Salmagundi thrives off of the city’s expansive cultures and cuisines. This translates to their drink menu as well, where unique flavors level up classic cocktails. Along with espresso-infused Grey Goose and Mr. Black liqueur, Salmagundi’s Espresso Martini features vanilla & orange bitter, Demerara, as well as Irish cream. 


If there’s one thing Australian’s know how to do right, it’s coffee. That's proven at Sonnyboy, a vibrant all-day café from the people behind Aussie classic Banter. The baristas here double as bartenders, offering a smooth transition from work to play and blurring the line between brews and booze, with several coffee libations to match.

Lou Lou

Lou Lou – the bar so nice they named it twice. This petit bistro in the heart of Chelsea offers classic French delicacies and a cocktail menu with a twist. One twist in particular: their nitro cold brew martini, combining Grey Goose, Mr. Black and Dry Orange Curacao. 


Tailor shop meets eatery at the Brooklyn-placed Otis, serving an eclectic menu of American/Mediterranean eats, cocktails, wine and local brews. With Edison bulbs lining the exposed-brick lined space and toasted coconut lining the espresso martinis, Otis is a must-check on your winter bucket lists.

Find Mr. Black coffee liqueur in NYC.

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