Immersive Van Gogh In Houston
Immersive Van Gogh In Houston

Immersive Van Gogh In Houston

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Can you imagine being bathed in full-room projections of the animated, jaw dropping works of the legendary Vincent Van Gogh?

To celebrate the opening of 'Immersive Van Gogh' in Houston, we're giving 2 tickets to the new experience! Enter you email above for a chance to win!

Bucket Listers is excited to partner with Immersive Van Gogh to offer exclusive ticket access:
πŸ“†: Opens August 2021 
🎟: Advanced ticket purchase required to enter the event
πŸ“: A secret location in Houston to be announced before the event!
πŸ’°: Tickets starting at $40 per person 


From the creators of the flagship exhibit seen by over 2 million people in Paris and Toronto, and featured in Netflix's Emily in Paris, digital art experience: The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit, is making its debut in Houston this August. 

Visitors will experience Van Gough’s signature masterpieces in over 500,000 cubic feet and 90 million pixels of flawless (and moving!) projections.

Travel through the artist’s sunny landscapes and twilight scenes, be up close and personal with his vividly detailed portraits and still lives, all while maintaining their 6-foot sanitized distance within the impressive venue.


The installation includes the Mangeurs de Pommes de Terre (The Potato Eaters, 1885), the Nuit Étoilée (Starry Night, 1889), Les Tournesols (Sunflowers, 1888), La Chambre à Coucher (The Bedroom, 1889), and so much more.


Astonishing in scale and breathtakingly imaginative, this digital art experience brings visitors through the brilliance and madness of the great Van Gogh’s mind in an unforgettable journey. 



Photos courtesy of Immersive Vincent Van Gogh

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