NYC Helicopter Experience


FlyNYON takes the thrill of shooting images from a helicopter and makes it accessible to everyone. Flights are sold by the seat. 

FlyNYON provides the best helicopter rides over New York City. What better vantage point to conquer New York City than from a 1,500 feet flight in a NYON helicopter ride? With panoramic views of New York’s best landmarks, FlyNYON ensures you make the most out of your helicopter photo flight as you fly over Manhattan’s skyscrapers. From the moment you arrive to our NYON terminal, our flight concierges share their tips for taking the best aerial photography content.


If you are traveling and you were not able to bring your camera, our dedicated camera rental desk will ensure to provide tips as to what camera to use while flying. Our helicopter flights are designed for aerial photography, and it allows for its routes to be fully customized for passengers to capture the best photography.

Whether looking to fly over the Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Brooklyn Bridge, or World Trade Center, our doors-on & doors-off helicopter flights provide you with the most personable and safest helicopter experience possible. With no hidden fees like other helicopter tour companies in New York, from the moment you walk into FlyNYON's terminal to your time in the air, we seek to provide an impeccable and welcoming experience for memories to last a lifetime.


When: Whenever your heart desires

Where: Departs from Kearny, NJ

(Photos courtesy of FlyNyon)

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