Tea Time at Ladurée SoHo

Ladurée SoHo , NYC


There's nothing better than Tea Time at Ladurée SoHo! ☕️🇫🇷

Bucket Listers' is excited to partner with Ladurée to offer an exclusive Tea Time menu for 2: 

📍Ladurée SoHo, 396 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012
☕️What's Included:
-4 Ladurée Marshmallows
-2 Cannelés
-2 Financiers
-4 Finger Sandwiches
(Smoked salmon, chicken caesar, Comte cheese, tuna cucumber, ham & pickles)
-4 Ladurée tea size pastries
-1 Napoléon Gift Box of 6 macrons ($21 value)
-2 Kir Royal
-2 Ladurée Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate
💰$140 for 2 people
1.5 Hours Max
📆After your purchase, you will need to make a reservation at Ladurée SoHo using the directions provided. 
*Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance and are based upon Laduree's availability
*Same day reservations are not available for this package
*Maximum of 4 people (2 tea time menu packages) per reservation

Reservation Details:
Reservation at LADUREE SOHO Restaurant, for Tea Time menu via Bucket Listers, can be made from Monday to Thursday from 1pm to 5pm, and from Friday to Sunday from 2pm to 4:00pm, via email only at least 48 hours in advance. Email will be provided in your confirmation email after purchasing. Maximum of 4 people (2 tea time menu packages) per reservation

Once the reservation is made, it is considered as confirmed only when the customer received a confirmation email from the restaurant. 

Due to the limited seating capacity, LADUREE SOHO LLC keep the right to accept, decline or cancel any reservations. Customers will be notified via email from the restaurant. Tea Time Event is for 1.5hour time slot only

Payment terms:
20% gratuity (based on the full price of the ticket - $140), and any extras will remain due at LADUREE SOHO, at the end of the Tea Time Event. Adding gratuity is highly encouraged by Bucket Listers and Ladurée.  

Cancellation and Late Arrival Terms:
Cancellation must occur no later than 24hours before your reservation time. If cancellation is given after the agreed grace period, no refund will be made on the ticket purchased and the amount will be due to

In case of late arrival, customer must contact the Restaurant at this number 646 392 7868 in order to keep the reservation. We have a 15 min grace period, after that we reserve the right to release your table.

All sales are final

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