Cryotherapy Packages
Cryotherapy Packages

Cryotherapy Packages

The CryoBar , CHI

$60 $45 25% OFF

Invest in yourself! Because we decided Chicago winters aren’t cold enough, we’re bringing you exclusive Cryotherapy experiences to jumpstart your new year. Our two discounted experiences include:

What is included with the Single Whole Body Cryotherapy?
❄️ Single whole body cryotherapy session
💰 $45 (valued at $60)

What is included with the Bucket Listers Exclusive Package?
❄️ One (1) whole body cryotherapy session, 1 Infrared Sauna session, and 1 Compression Therapy session (3 Sessions Total)
💰 $75 (valued at $150)
*Whole Body Cryotherapy and the Infrared Sauna cannot be done in the same visit.

How do I redeem my package?
These packages can be redeemed at the following Chicago locations: 
📍Lincoln Park, 1205 W Webster Ave, Suite 1, Chicago, Il 60614
📍West Loop, 1215 W Madison St. Chicago, IL 60607
📍Bucktown, 1917 N Damen Ave, Suite 1S, Chicago, IL 60647
You will need to book an appointment at your desired location and bring your confirmation email with you on the day of your appointment. Directions on booking your appointment will be included in your confirmation email!
Note: There is a limit of 1 purchase per customer and packages must be redeemed within 30 days of purchase. This package may not be repurchased within 6 months. Any additional purchases may not be used within 6 months of your first redemption.

What is Cryotherapy?
Invented in 1978 by a Japanese Rheumatologist for the treatment of arthritis, cryotherapy has been established through decades of studies as a powerful treatment for auto-immune disorders. More recently, it has become popular as a means of athletic recovery and increasing physical performance. It is not a medical procedure, but a non-invasive alternative for individuals seeking faster recovery and improved overall health.

Benefits of Cryotherapy
😀 Boost Endorphin Levels
💪 Strengthen your immune system
⬇️ Decrease Inflammation

What is the Infrared Sauna?
Infrared Saunas are an effective tool to detoxify the body in an effort to strengthen the immune system. They differ from traditional saunas in the sense that they heat your body directly from within on a cellular and metabolic level without warming the air around you. Our Infrared Sauna is equipped with both near- and far-infrared capabilities. Far-infrared light helps to enhance circulation in the skin, ease pain, reduce inflammation, and normalize blood pressure. Near-infrared light is more beneficial for increasing metabolism and improving tissue repair.

Benefits of the Infrared Sauna
🌺 Detoxify the body
💪 Strengthen your immune system
❤️ Relieve Aches and Pains

What is Compression Therapy?
Intermittent, pneumatic (air) compression is a proven way of improving blood circulation and driving higher volumes of oxygen-rich blood to your muscles as the rebuild. Compression Therapy uses compressed air to massage the area of choice – legs, arms, and lower back. The cycle of air compressing through different chambers of the device encourages lymphatic drainage and accelerates the removal of excess lactic acid. Dynamic compression also reduces swelling, mitigates stiffness for increased range of motion, and facilitates greater protein absorption in the muscles.

Benefits of Compression Therapy
🩸 Enhance Blood Flow
🧘‍♀️ Improve Range of Motion
💤 Reduce Muscle Fatigue

What to Expect During Your Cryotherapy Session
The CryoBar utilizes top-of-the-line Juka Cryosauna equipment to provide Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments at all locations. Step into the chamber and experience the amazing restorative effects of cryotherapy in just three minutes!

The chamber is cooled using vaporized nitrogen to the optimal treatment temperature ranging between -225°F and -250°F. Once you step into the chamber the vaporized nitrogen will chill the skin’s surface layer, sending your body into a natural fight or flight response. Blood vessels will constrict, redirecting blood away from your extremities to your core to protect your organs. Your body will supercharge the blood with anti-inflammatory proteins and oxygen, flush out excess white blood cells, and boost your metabolic rate.

Exposure to extreme cold temperatures will also stimulate your body’s natural response to produce more collagen protein. Collagen is the number one protein used to improve skin elasticity and repair all of your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

Upon exiting the cryosauna, your blood vessels will dilate and rush the oxygen rich blood and endorphins back throughout the body and your brain will direct the collagen to the areas it is most needed. In an effort to warm up and come back to an equilibrium, your body will undergo a metabolic reaction and burn between 500-800 calories in the five hours post-treatment.

One three-minute Whole Body Cryotherapy session is the equivalent in benefits to a 20-30 minute ice bath. However, with an ice bath there is down time associated as it is chilling your muscle tissue. There is no downtime with cryotherapy.


Before entering the Cryosauna, clients are required to remove all jewelry. They will be given gloves, socks, slippers and a robe to wear into the treatment room. Men are also required to wear underwear or shorts.

All clothing worn in Cryosauna must be dry.


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