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The New ARTECHOUSE Miami Has Opened
The New ARTECHOUSE Miami Has Opened
The New ARTECHOUSE Miami Has Opened

location_on ARTECHOUSE | Miami, MIA

The New ARTECHOUSE Miami Has Opened


location_on ARTECHOUSE | Miami, MIA

The New ARTECHOUSE Miami Has Opened

ARTECHOUSE presents Renewal 2121 transporting visitors 100 years into the future where nature’s resilience takes center stage

Seeking to inspire optimism and hope, and foster action amid concerns of climate change, neon cyberpunk meets cherry blossoms in the interactive, technology-driven art exhibition!

💰$25 per person
🗓️December 20, 2021 - August 31, 2022
⏰Daily General Admissions:
Monday – Thursday, 2pm-9pm
Friday, 2pm-10pm
Saturday – Sunday, 12pm-10pm
📍ARTECHOUSE Miami Beach is located right in the heart of South Beach at 736 Collins Avenue.

About the event:

Renewal 2121 presents a possible metropolis reminiscent of Tokyo 100 years from now, if humanity’s growth and expansion goes unchecked. As visitors explore ARTECHOUSE’s galleries, they will traverse through a neon cyberpunk cityscape, an interactive market, bustling alleyways and datacenter, finding nature blooming in the most unexpected places amidst this industrial future. This science fiction aesthetic is intentional — the imagined worlds of our future and advancements in science and technology often inspire one other.

The exhibition’s inspiration also celebrates three themes of renewal — the city, nature, and ourselves. Paralleling the constant rebirth of cities through human innovation and nature’s adaptive resilience, Renewal 2121 coincides with both the blooming season and the beginning of the calendar year. The forward-looking energy of new hopes, dreams, and actions that these cycles bring is part of the core message of this multi-sensory art experience, along with the critical challenge that we face together as global citizens: climate change. Focusing specifically on the extinction element of climate change and presenting “sakura” or cherry blossoms as a symbol for nature as a whole, Renewal 2121 aims to inspire people to harness their energy towards finding solutions that will ensure a brighter future.

Produced by the ARTECHOUSE Creative Team, in collaboration with interdisciplinary artists from around the globe, Renewal 2121 is a true manifestation of a remote collaborative process to tell a story of renewal and optimism. Within the immersive gallery, visitors will discover nature’s place within a possible future through five sweeping scenes designed by Japanese digital artist and motion graphics designer Yuya Takeda, and brought to life by the ARTECHOUSE creative team. The Düsseldorf-based group Mario Hammer and the

Lonely Robot created an original score for the exhibition and Design Foundry provided the scenery.


All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.


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