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Check Out This Year-Round Infinity Pool With Views Of The Manhattan Skyline

Because relaxation is only a hop, skip, and river, away 🧖‍♀️

by New York Bucket List


One of the most stressful things you can do to yourself is actively choosing to live in NYC, are we right? The city that never sleeps (or drinks enough water, for that matter) brings together 8.7 million people in a small, shared, island. We all carry tension in our shoulders and stress in our gmail, which is why leaving the city is the most important thing you can do for yourself (and the water part). 

No need to go far, hop across the Hudson and you'll find New York City's greatest secret - SoJo Spa Club - a harmonious marriage between a traditional Korean bathhouse and American luxury spa.

The sprawling 140,000 square foot space holds 9 specialty outdoor pools and therapeutic baths, 8 saunas, even an imported volcanic sand bath. So, check that stress at the door. 

We'll start with answering the most pressing questions here - around the infinity pool. Yes, it is heated. Yes, open year-round, including wintertime. Yes, it overlooks the NYC skyline. Why every New Yorker doesn't WFH here is beyond us, but we're #blessed to finally crack this secret. 

The space is accessible by purchasing a day pass for the main amenities (pricing below) and items like massages are added as a premium. Here is what's included in your day pass beginning with the pools and baths.  

1. The beautiful infinity pool hanging 100 feet above River Road. 

2. Hydrotherapy pool combines three of nature’s most powerful therapies, heat, water and air. Great for increasing circulation and soothing sore muscles.  

 3. Foot Massage Path which combines smooth, flat and rounded stones slightly submerged under shallow water will provide walkers with a natural foot reflexology massage, while improving balance. Slap a face mask on and enjoy your stroll through the spa. 

4. Hinoki Bath has a rich grain white cedar wood and exudes a soothing natural scent known as “hinoki thiol,” a natural antibacterial oil that tranquilizes the body and mind. Yes, New Yorkers, say it with us - tranquility.
ICYMI the definition of tranquil is "free from disturbances." (Can you handle that?). 

5. Carbon-Rich Bath has a high concentration of natural carbon dioxide, which is known to increase blood oxygen levels and improve circulation. In other words, you'll feel like a garnish in your own personal spritzer (Aperol optional).

6. Silk Bath, or as we like to call it, the fountain of youth. Hop in to feel the white ionization technology that infuses hot spring micro-bubbles directly to the water to nourish body tissue and improve skin elasticity.

Now that we've experimented with every single pool, twice over, it's time to hit the heat in the saunas. All of which are still part of the day pass. 

7. Far-Infrared Sauna will make you feel like you've stepped out of the chilly NYC and into a sunlit paradise. It's heat provides the health benefits of natural sunlight without the hazardous effects of solar radiation. The deep heat raises your core body temperature, helping to improve blood circulation and assist in recovery from fatigue.

8. Red Clay Sauna has been used for centuries to help increase blood circulation and oxygenation while releasing internal toxins from the pores and muscles. Features 99% pure red clay imported directly from Korea. 

9. Dry Sauna is an outdoor sauna that echoes the traditions of the Finnish. After you're all heated up, hop in the cool water to get that blood flowing. 

10. White Clay Sauna is a natural mud that stimulates the lymphatic system, assists in the detoxification process of chemical exposure, and aids with the treatment fatigue and achy muscles. 

11. Formed out of salt bricks, the Himalayan Salt Sauna helps perspire from deep within the body, at a relatively lower temperature, assisting with detoxification. The only question that remains - do they deliver these bricks to Chelsea and will they work in our living room? 

12. Last but not least, the Charcoal Sauna. Not only does it make you feel like you're entering an intergalactic world, but we are SO into charcoal right now. Hit us with some charcoal toothpaste, face masks, and saunas because we are in the business of eliminating and toxins revving up our metabolism. 

If you're really feeling yourself after healing yourself with blissful heat, there are a few therapy rooms that will take your experience to the next level.

Ice Room drops the temperature to around 33 degrees. For any athletes looking to improve their performance or folks in recovery/rehab, this is for you. Acting like a whole-body cryotherapy, this room will aid in pain and swelling while improving skin and your mood! (Hello, Mother Nature, it's Bucket Listers calling to reverse your moody seasonal disposition).

Along with the pools, baths, and saunas - you'll find add-ons like massages, foot rubs, treatments and so much more. Something that really caught our eyes was the Volcanic Sand Bath. 

SoJo imported volcanic sand from Japan, and we thank them dearly. Recreating ancient healing treatments, they aid a variety of ailments like inflammation and muscle pain. You'll never enjoy laying in a pile of sand more than here, sadly. ($20 per session)

The spa space is part of the Hotel SoJo, which provides guests who book a room with a complimentary day pass to the spa. Once you take an entire day filled with detoxification and relaxation - you'll be ready to take over the New York City-ation

Where: 660 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020 

$50 weekdays / $65 weekends & holidays
$50 weekdays / $75 weekends & holidays
$60 weekdays / $80 weekends & holidays 
Visit the website for the most up to date pricing. 

How to get here? 
By Shuttle: There are a few ways you can get yourself to SoJo Spa Club. First, and more importantly, there IS a complimentary shuttle that will pick you up conveniently near Times Square and bring you to SoJo and back. This shuttle can be found on their website. 

By Ferry: Take a ferry boat from W 34th street to Edgewater in NJ. From there, it's about a 15-20 minute walk to SoJo. 

By Train & Bus: From Port Authority, there is a 158 bus that runs through the Lincoln Tunnel and up to Edgewater. Get off at River Rd at Vreeland Terrace and you're about a 2 minute walk away.  

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