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Color Factory Opens In Houston With 14 NEW Installations

Explore the colors of Houston the bright way 🌈

by Houston Bucket List


Just here to brighten up your day – Color Factory is now open in Houston! 

The technicolored interactive exhibit has taken over 20,000 square feet of the Upper Kirby neighborhood, with installations comprised of colors inspired by Houston and collected around the city. Along with a few fan favorite installations, the Texas location boasts 14 new experiential exhibits crafted specifically for H-Town by a new roster of artists and creatives.

Color Factory chose to pitstop in Houston due to its vibrant community. Not only is Houston one of the largest cities in the United States, it’s also the most diverse, with over 140 languages spoken. Take a first look at some of the returning and new rooms open in Houston now. 

(Artists: Harvey & John)

These stripes are worth all the hype in Thought Bubbles, already one of Houston’s most popular rooms. Interact with over 10 floating orbs in every color of the rainbow. Now let’s give it up for R-O-Y-G-B-I-and I can not stress this enough-V.

Alicia Eggert & James Akers)

Talk about 24K(olor) Magic! This room, designed specifically for the Houston location, is all about human connectivity and touch. 

No need to put on your rose colored glasses for Houston’s pink hallway.

Houston, we have a problem ball pit. This room was designed in partnership with Nasa and includes a ball pit that, fittingly, was made to resemble the moon. With the addition of overhead ceiling cameras, you’ll get a photo of yourself swimming in the glowing globes sent directly to your phone.

(Artist: Christine Wong Yap)

Complementary colors – and then some – make up the Complementary Compliments room. When you enter the room, you’ll sit down in a booth across from a friend (or stranger!), put on headphones, and work together on an artistic activity. Teamwork makes the technicolor dream work.

Ce-le-brate good times in the Confetti Accumulation room. Created initially for the San Francisco location, this room’s popularity made it a must-have for Houston. They even tried 40 kinds of confetti just to find the one that fluttered the best. Excuse us while we spend the next 30 minutes processing that there are more than 40 different kinds of confetti.

(Artists: Andrew Neyer & Andy J. Pizza)

Paint the town red blue in the Color Me ___ exhibit and make your mark by actually coloring on the Color Factory walls with these giant blue markers.

(Artist: Soo Sunny Park)

Now this is a shining hallway we can get behind (redrum, anyone?). 

(Artist: Hot Tea)

We’ll finish with a sneak peek of the start to your Color Factory experience, the hanging string-adorned lobby. 

Color Factory at 3303 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098

Monday: 10am-7pm
Tuesday: 10am-7pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday: 10am-8:30pm
Saturday: 10am-8:30pm
Sunday: 10am-8:30pm

For more info and tickets.