Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards such as Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. We do not accept PayPal at this time.

Can I purchase more than one ticket at a time?

Yes! The number of tickets available for selection is the total number of tickets left. Make sure that the date/time slot you select has enough tickets for your party!

When will I receive my tickets?

Upon booking, you should receive your order confirmation within minutes. This email includes details about the experience like time and address. If the tickets are sent immediately, they will be included as QR codes in that email. If the experience you booked requires a follow-up regarding tickets or redemption codes, the order confirmation email will include what to expect.

Where can I find more details about the experience?

Each experience has its own page on our website. You can explore the experience description and available dates online or stay-up-to date with experiences through the Bucket Listers’ Instagram channels.

Instagram: NY Bucket List | LA Bucket List | Chicago Bucket List | San Fran Bucket List | Boston Bucket List | Miami Bucket List

I lost my tickets/my booking email had a typo.  Can you resend them to me?

Send a request to [email protected] with the experience name and email address used for booking. Our Customer Support team will ensure you have your tickets for the experience!

How can I reschedule my tickets?

If tickets for an experience are eligible for rescheduling, please reach out to [email protected] with the experience title, name and email address used for booking, and the desired rebooking date. For all experiences, please request rescheduling at least 48hrs prior to your scheduled experience time. We can not guarantee rescheduling for experiences.

Are my tickets eligible for a refund?

For most of the experiences you find on our website, tickets are sold on a non-refundable basis. You can find experience-specific policies at the bottom of the experience description on that experience’s page. Reach out if you have questions!

What if an experience is canceled?

In the event of a cancellation, ticket holders will be notified via email immediately. We try our best to give as much notice as possible to our customers but there are some scenarios out of our control such as weather. The refund process will be explained in more detail within the notification email.

Where can I find COVID policies for an experience?

If COVID guidelines are in place for an experience, you can find them in the 'Safety' tab on the experience webpage. Please keep in mind that these guidelines are frequently updated, so if you are concerned about the most up-to-date information, you can always contact us.

My redemption code is not redeemable.  How can I get one that works?

If you are having trouble redeeming the code(s) sent to you, please contact [email protected] so we can provide a functioning code. Please include the experience title, booking name, and email address in your message.

If I add myself to a waitlist, how do I know when tickets go on sale?

As soon as our team receives notice of the official experience launch dates, we will let you know via email. You will receive a link to the experience page to grab tickets!

How can I transfer my tickets to someone else?

To transfer your ticket to another guest, please contact us at [email protected]. In all cases the request must come from the original ticket buyer’s email address and must note the original name used for purchase. Please include the event name and the new guest'(s) full name and email address in the note.
For some events you may forward your tickets to the new guest(s). As long as they are in possession of the tickets and meet the requirements for entry (such as age limit, dress code, etc.) they are set to attend. Reach out to us to confirm the process for your event.

How can I book a private event?

Contact us at [email protected] with event name, party size and desired date. We’ll make a request for a private booking if the event organizers can accommodate. We’ll have more details to provide via email after we share the request.

We want to work with Bucket Listers for an upcoming event or promotion.  How can we get in touch?

We would love to hear from your organization about potential partnership opportunities! Please email [email protected] with as much information as possible (name, location, type of event/collaboration, contact details) and one of our team members will get back to you if it’s the right fit.