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Cirque du Soleil: BAZZAR Under the Big Top at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center


The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Station Avenue...


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What you will experience

Bucket Listers is excited to offer you exclusive ticket pricing:

💰 Starting at $62 per person 
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📍 Under the Big Top at Greater Philadelphia Expo Center: 100 Station Ave, Oaks, PA, 19456

Seating Sections 
Multiple Seating Sections Available

About The Event
Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR is an eclectic lab of endless invention where a joyous troupe of acrobats, dancers, and musicians create an awe-inspiring display. Inspired by the circus of old, this show pays homage to the shows of Cirque du Soleil's roots; watch as acrobats soar through the sky, artists contort on the stage, and dancers sway to the music. They work together to create a quirky one-of-a-kind world under the direction of their maestro. The dynamic company reimagines, rebuilds, and reinvents vibrant scenarios in a setting where the unpredictable is anticipated in an artistic, athletic game of order and disorder.

Come and take up residence in this marketplace of enthusiasm and artistic fellowship. You never know, the story's conclusion might only be the beginning!

For more information about Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR, please click here.


What to consider

Run time

1h 40m (incl. intermission)

Are children allowed?
Like most of Cirque du Soleil shows, Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR is meant to entertain the whole family. That being said, it does contain loud noises and some dark scenes.

Is Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR accessible for those with disabilities?

Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR contains flashing lights and may cause difficulties for people with photosensitive epilepsy. To see if the big top can accommodate those with disabilities, please reach out to our customer support team.

May I take videos or record the show?

Small, pocket-sized cameras – no lenses - and phones are allowed. For the safety of our artists and the comfort of our audience members, only pictures without flash and short videos below the shoulder are permitted.

Can I bring my own food?

Food and drink from outside the site is not permitted within our gates. If you have a unique dietary need, please inform our team.


Where is the experience

The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Station Avenue, Oaks, PA, USA


Frequently asked questions


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