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Bucket Listers





Newsroom Speakeasy Jazz Nights


Thursdays, Dec 7 - Feb 29


11-01 43rd Avenue, Long Island City, NY, USA

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What you will experience

Bucket Listers is excited to partner with 11-01 Newsroom LLC to offer you exclusive ticket pricing:

💰 General Admission: $20 per person [Enjoy your choice of our signature cocktail "The Editors Punch" or a glass of Champagne with each purchased ticket.]
🗓️ Thursdays: December 7th - February 9th.
⏰ Schedule:
- 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
- 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
📍Newsroom: 11-01 43rd Avenue, Long Island City NYC  

About the event:

Elevate your Thursday nights with a dose of live jazz at the Newsroom, Long Island City's clandestine speakeasy, brought to life by Bucket Listers. Hidden behind the facade of a vintage newsstand, your descent into Newsroom transports you into the bygone era of a 1990s NYC subway station, setting the stage for an immersive jazz experience. 

Within this stylishly low-key retreat, characterized by its mahogany warmth, leather-bound luxury, and the soft glow from the dimly lit cavern, the air buzzes with the vibrant energy of live jazz. Each performance is a soulful serenade, as seasoned musicians craft a tapestry of sound that echoes through the hearts of aficionados and newcomers alike. 

The mastery of our mixologists complements the musical journey, with cocktails that harmonize with every melody. Each sip of our expertly crafted libations mirrors the passion and improvisation of the jazz notes that fill the room. The ambiance, like the finest speakeasy tradition, is ripe with anticipation for the night’s cadence and rhythm. 

Amidst this melodic enclave, the culinary genius of Celebrity Chef Ricardo Collantes takes center stage. His Latin fusion cuisine offers a feast for the senses, a perfect encore to the evening's jazz performances. Each plate is a crescendo of flavors, designed to pair exquisitely with the libations and the lilting tunes.

Bucket Listers Jazz Night at Newsroom is more than just a night out—it’s a ticket to an experience where music and mood meld in perfect sync. It's where every Thursday, the timeless allure of jazz finds its home in the heart of Long Island City. Discretion is our hallmark, and exclusivity is our offering.

Secure your spot, let the rhythms ensnare you, and indulge in a night at Newsroom, where jazz is not just played—it’s lived.

Enjoy your choice of our signature cocktail "The Editors Punch" or a glass of Champagne with each purchased ticket. 

This is a 21+ event.
All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.

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General Admission

Ticket is per person

Starting at $20


For groups larger than 20, please reach out to our support team.

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Where is the experience

11-01 43rd Avenue, Long Island City, NY, USA


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