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Sea Doo Switch Pontoon Rentals + Awake RAVIK 3 or RAVIK S22 Class/Rentals + Lift eFoil Class/Rental


606 Marina Pkwy, Chula Vista, CA 91910, USA


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What you will experience

Bucket Listers is excited to partner with R&R Surf to offer you exclusive ticket pricing:

💰Price List:
1-hr Sea Doo Switch Pontoon Rental: Starting at $79 per boat (originally $99) 
2-hr Sea Doo Switch Pontoon Rental: Starting at $159 per boat (originally $198)
Lift eFoil - 2 hr Class + Rental: $199 per person (originally $249)
Awake RAVIK 3 - 2 hr Class+ Rental: $159 per person (originally $199)
Awake RAVIK S22 Advanced - 2 hr Class+ Rental: $199 per person (originally $249)
🗓️ Multiple dates and times
📍R&R Surf Rentals: 606 Marina Pkwy, Chula Vista, CA 91910

About the event: 

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with R&R Surf located in Safe Harbor Marina! Let the water be your therapy as you surf on our electric surf tech Lift eFoil or glide through the waves on the Awake Jetboard. Experience a new level of luxury with our Sea-Doo pontoon boats while taking in stunning sunsets. Come and enjoy the next level of water sports with us!
Sea Doo Switch Pontoon:

Customers will receive confidence checks on basic rules of the road, boat handling requirements, and area familiarization training before leaving the dock.

First-time boaters are welcome!

Maximum of 6 passengers for all boats. No exceptions!

Rent a boat and you be the captain! Passengers must be 50+ lbs. Must be 21+ to rent and drive the boat. All rentals must stay in the bay.

All passengers must wear a life jacket provided throughout the duration of the rental. No beaching or docking anywhere other than Safe Harbor South Bay. 

Lift eFoil:

Customers will be boated outside Safe Harbor South Bay Marina to an area designated by R&R Surf as safe water within the Southern Bay.

Every customer will have a helmet-mounted waterproof radio with two-way communications for seamless communication with the instructor during the event. Additionally, instructors will fit customers with Type III Inherently buoyant impact vests.

Once the event is finished, customers will reboard the boat and return to Safe Harbor South Bay Marina.

Must be 18+ to rent.

Awake RAVIK 3:

The Awake RÄVIK 3 is an accessible and versatile electric surfboard, it has been designed to provide an easy, stable, and controlled first ride but offers the optimal platform to grow and learn with the board until the riders master cruising, carving, and other tricks

The robust construction and adapted shape allow slow stable rides but will perform perfectly when releasing the high power it can push, giving the opportunity to our riders to discover, learn, and grow in this sport. Ultimately, they will get the most out of their session with friends, family, and solo explorations. This is the board to become an electric surfer.

Playfulness and versatility have been core aspects in the development of this equipment. The RÄVIK 3 board is shaped to deliver stable and controlled rides. The hull features a balanced combination of forgiving and performant aspects to offer the easiest but most exciting riding experience.

Our linear jet system ensures consistent and constant grip increasing stability and control, our first-time riders can enjoy a natural and comfortable feeling.

The full deckpad with evolutive footstrap options allow the rider to learn and evolve at their own pace and find their very own riding style with complete freedom.

Must be 18+ to rent.

Awake RAVIK S22 Advanced:

The Awake RÄVIK S22 is the most powerful and advanced electric surfboard, crafted for riders to challenge themselves like never before – pushing harder, jumping higher, turning sharper, and riding faster.

The strong construction and thoughtful design matched with the increased power and instant throttle response time of the RÄVIK S22, giving the opportunity to our riders to send it bigger than ever and break the boundaries of electric surfing.

High performance and precision have been pushed to the highest level in this electric surfboard.

The RÄVIK S22 is shaped to deliver fast, precise, and controlled rides, the very complex hull features sharp water release and an aggressive rocker for a unique and intense riding experience.

Our linear jet system ensures strong and constant grip even in the choppiest waters, powering our riders in any conditions and tempting the highest jumps.

High torque combined with instant electronic response allows for perfectly timed accelerations, turns, and tricks. With 0 to 50 km/h in less than 4 seconds. Heavily reinforced inserts are integrated to fine-tune your stance and enjoy the best control feeling from the board.

Must be 18+ to rent.

Fine Print:
Sea Doo Switch Pontoons: Must be 21+ to rent and drive the boat. Passengers of all ages are allowed. 
Lift eFoil: Must be 18+
Awake RAVIK 3: Must be 18+
Awake RAVIK S22 Advanced: Must be 18+
All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. 

Where is the experience

606 Marina Pkwy, Chula Vista, CA 91910, USA


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