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A New Look for Bucket Listers

Welcome to the New Bucket Listers!

by Bucket Listers


In December 2021, the Bucket Listers leadership team, from Tennessee, Miami, New York City, and Chicago, all met up in person for the first time to chart our aspirations, create a new mission, and establish our core values to set the tone for our growing organization.

After an entire day of deliberation, we coalesced our mission into two words:



In what way do we want the organizations that we're building to drive towards that mission? We weighed so many elements of our day-to-day work, decision making, and interactions with each other. Ultimately, our core values became:

With our blueprint to lay out our foundation towards our new goals, we took a look at our logo, and felt that it didn’t quite fully embody our revised mission and core values.



We embarked on the journey to discover a new logo to not just to present a brand to our customers, but more importantly, to symbolize our mission and values for our fellow colleagues each and every day.

Early on, brainstorming sessions were spaghetti thrown against the wall. Nothing was a bad idea. We played on “lists,” creating lists, writing implements, and even physical notes.

This quickly evolved into rethinking about our roots surrounding travel, experiences, and the concept of accomplishing your aspirations. So many logos already allude to map pins, but we were seeing how we could reinforce inspiring experiences without being contrived.


From there we felt we were so close. We refocused on our core values.

How can an image inspire bold decisions to experience more? 

How can an image represent our dependability?

How can an image radiate a warm positivity?


It wasn't a straightforward journey, and thanks to the tenacious efforts of our design team, we present to you our new look.

Welcome to the new Bucket Listers.  Here’s to your next adventure.



 We would like to give special thanks to our Graphics Design Consultant, Marko Vlajic, for working with us to develop such a fantastic concept. Also to Solana Sierra, our Senior UX Designer who spearheaded this effort and made all this possible.