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Blockbuster Speakeasy Pop-Up Bar
Blockbuster Speakeasy Pop-Up Bar


location_on Secret Location, LA

Blockbuster Speakeasy Pop-Up Bar


location_on Secret Location, LA

Blockbuster Speakeasy Pop-Up Bar

An immersive Blockbuster Speakeasy Pop-Up Bar is headed to Los Angeles this summer!

Bucket Listers and New Gold Empire are excited to present an exclusive experience: Make It a Blockbuster Night!

💰$45 per person (subject to change) - includes 2 throwback cocktails!
🗓️ Starting this summer!
⏰ Coming soon!
📍Secret Location

About The Event

Join Bucket Listers and New Gold Empire as we throw it back to the 90s & Y2K!

“Be kind, please rewind.”

We’re bringing back Blockbuster in this one-of-a-kind immersive Blockbuster drinking experience. It’s completely inspired by those days in the 90s when roaming Blockbuster’s aisles without aim was actually considered a pretty cool thing to do.

This new Blockbuster Speakeasy takes everything you remember about choosing a movie pre-streaming, but includes a full bar serving up delicious cocktails and more! Best of all? You won’t have to worry about returning any “rentals.”

When you enter the speakeasy, you’ll be greeted at the door with your very own membership card. However, in this reimagined setting, it will actually act as your drink ticket.

You can roam around for your libation of choice. Instead of genres, aisles will be sectioned off by different kinds of cocktails and beers. And instead of grainy VHS tapes, you can choose from themed cocktails inspired by popular 90s and 2000s movies.

Make sure to check the “synopsis” on the back before bringing your VHS to the checkout counter. There, one of our Blockbuster bartenders will whip up your drink of choice.

As with any Blockbuster experience, you can expect a ton of snacks in stock including giant popcorn and a large candy selection.

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