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Temple Immersive Yoga Classes


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540 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

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What you will experience

Bucket Listers is excited to partner with Temple Immersive to offer you exclusive ticket pricing:

💰Price list:
Immersive Yoga Class Ticket: Starting at $28 per person (originally $38) 
Immersive Halloween Yoga + Thriller Dance Party: $65 per person (originally $75)
Immersive Thriller Dance Party: $45 per person (originally $55)
🗓️Multiple dates and times 
📍Temple Immersive: 540 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94105

About the event:

Come join us for unique events and experiences including yoga, sound immersions, dance with DJ's, HIIT, meditation, breathwork offerings + more. We have an Art Bar Lounge to connect in community with complimentary herbal tea for before & after class. Stay tuned for our rooftop classes and events and many more surprises coming your way!

Class doors close promptly at class time for optimal experience for all participants so arrive at least 5 minutes before and leave ample room for transportation and parking. We have house slippers for you, so time to get cozy, connect, and enjoy your immersive experience.

About Us: 

We are a unique venue offering different immersive experiences. From specialty yoga classes, to sound immersions, to dance with DJs, to meditation, to breathwork, and even HIIT classes, we transform our nightclub into a beautiful and creative immersive space with high-quality instruction and special offerings from top teachers.

Coming into our space for an Immersive class, you can enjoy complimentary house herbal tea, put on our comfy slippers, socialize in our Art Bar Lounge, and enjoy experiential classes in community. We are not your typical yoga studio . . . we an innovative space filled with creative possibility, expression, and adventure.

At Temple Immersive we offer Specialty Classes + Events of all kinds. We have a variety of different experiences to discover and explore. A culture of yoga, wellness, music, art, and movement, our events are all-inclusive with community connection at its core.

Fine Print:
This is an all-ages event, for all levels.
All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.
Arrive 10 minutes early to sign a waiver and prepare for class. 
Mats are provided. 

What to consider

About our classes:

Immersive Halloween Yoga + Thriller Dance Party

Immersive Halloween Yoga 6 to 7pm
Come in your creative costume for a fun yoga practice for all levels, all bodies.
Stay and learn * How to do the Thriller Dance 101*, have empanadas, enjoy halloween punch, and dance with our DJ.

Ticket includes: Immersive Halloween Yoga Class, Immersive Thriller Dance Lesson 101, Dance with DJ, complimentary Halloween Punch (with & without alcohol), empanadas + salad, prizes for best costume, Art Bar Lounge games

Immersive Thriller Dance Party

Immersive Halloween Thriller Dance Party with empanadas, punch + DJ
Meet and greet, shimmy and dance with us & friends in a festive atmosphere. Be prepared to have some fun and wear your favorite costume for a chance to win our costume contest!

Ticket includes: Immersive Thriller Dance Lesson 101, Dance with DJ, complimentary Halloween Punch (with & without alcohol), empanadas + salad, prizes for best costume, Art Bar Lounge games

Immersive Rainforest Flow: 

An all-levels mixed heart-centered flow class to find your natural flow, embodiment, and authentic practice. An easeful yet powerful practice that connects your gut, heart, and mind in a grounded, harmonious, and purposeful way. Take down your walls, reconnect to your heart space, radiate from within & find balance. Come find a bit of wilderness in the concrete jungle.

Yin Yoga Energy Healing

Be gently guided into longer-held postures that stretch the connective tissues and open the meridians, or energy pathways, that clear stagnant energy. By holding deeply restorative & yin postures, we unravel long-held tension within the energetic and physical body.  In this specialty class, you will be led through the energy centers from your root to the crown of your head.  During the last 15 minutes of class, you will be led through a sound healing with specifically tuned sound bowls connecting you to your heart chakra.

Immersive Breath & Flow: Moon & Stars

Immersed in our Moon & Stars Visuals, this is a practice exploring breathwork linked with energetic liberating movement.  Go deeper into breathing, and explore what it's like open naturally & unwind any held tension in your physical and energetic system.  You will leave feeling refreshed, liberated, and in the natural flow of life!

Immersive Desert Canyon

During this class, we will explore the harmonious balance between active and passive postures, yin and yang energies. The dynamic flow of yang poses will build strength, stability, and warmth, while the gentle, long-held yin poses will encourage deep release, relaxation, and introspection.

Immersive Ocean Flow

A feel good flow immersed and surrounded by a soothing flowing ocean. You will be carried away by breath, flow, and fluid practice for all levels.

Fire & Fluidity Power Vinyasa

Fire and Fluidity combines the core elements of Power Yoga with movement based vinyasa flow - challenging, inviting ease and encouraging playfulness in the same breath.  This series will encourage you to find your flow and explore new modes of expression while strengthening you to the core - a perfect appetizer to a night of some dance, movement, and expression!

Soul Funk Flow

Connect with your body, mind, spirit, and one another at this conscious, connected, roots oriented experience.  The night will start with soulful yogic movement with an incredible DJ.  This evening will be a full sensory immersive experience.  Our intention for this event is to create a safe container for participants to connect with themselves as divine beings and each other.  Creating a conscious community at the core. 

Northern Lights with Yoga Nidra

Immersed in beautiful Northern Lights visuals, this class is the perfect balance of strength, alignment, foundations, challenge, and accessibility. This class focuses on foundations to safely prepare you for more difficult postures later on. You will be encouraged to turn inwards, draw intentionality into your practice and recognize your strength both physically and mentally in each moment.  The last 15 minutes of class you will be led through a yoga nidra practice (yogic sleep, a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.)

Candlelit Yin & Deep Relaxation

This class is meant to have you go inward and fully immerse yourself into your practice. Surrounded with candles in a beautiful and sacred ambience, you will move your awareness from the outer world to your inner one. Move with fluidity, ease, and fully relax into postures and practice with the breath & deep awareness.

The second part of the class you will move into deep relaxation supported with yoga bolsters + blankets guided through energetic openings, so you will leave feeling fully rested, nourished, and restored.

Total Body HIIT

This is the ultimate full body workout. This 1 hr class is designed to motivate, strengthen, elevate, and give you that weekly cardio boost that is so imperative for overall long-term health. You will be led by a top instructor for an hour through a warm-up, 45 min. of High-Intensity Interval Training, and cool down. Finally, a class that is enjoyable & challenging while hitting core body needs. Bring a towel, and be prepared to sweat!

Bodypainting Glow Yoga + Live Acousitc Guitar - $45 per person

This is a one-of-a-kind SUPER fun and creative experience!
5:00 PM to 6.30 PM 
Bodypainting in the Art Bar Lounge
Arrive promptly at 5:00 PM (doors open at 4:30 PM) and we will get the glow-in-the-dark painting fun started. We will supply non-toxic glow-in-the-dark paints to make body & face art. We will be painting beautiful designs for participants, or have fun making your own designs. This is the perfect experience to share with your friends and get a bit artistic with your practice. 
Your entry comes with a house cocktail or our herbal tea to enjoy while designing.
6:30 PM to 7:30 PM 
Practice: Slow Flow Vinyasa + Live Acoustic Guitar
You will be led through a slow-flow vinyasa practice for all levels immersed in a majestic atmosphere surrounded by candles. This is truly a unique, fun, and beautiful experience that will really be something to remember. Live acoustic guitar will enhance your practice and experience played by our very talented musician. Feel free to stay for Social Hour in our Art Bar Lounge. Mats + everything you need including fruit will be provided. Arrive on time so you have plenty of time to dry before entering practice in the Immersive space.

Vibrant Vinyasa + Live DJ

We have got the perfect practice and experience for you to let go, move, and have fun. An upbeat vinyasa yoga practice while taken on a worldly sound journey with a live DJ will awaken your practice. Dynamic, fluid, and energetically awakening, you will flow and be brought around the world with international rare and funky beats.

Ticket types

Immersive Yoga Class Ticket

Ticket is per person

Starting at $28

Immersive Thriller Dance Party

Ticket is per person

Starting at $45

Immersive Halloween Yoga + Thriller Dance Party

Ticket is per person

Starting at $65


For groups of 20 or more, please reach out to our support team.

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540 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA


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