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Verse Immersive: An Augmented Reality Experience


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108 North State Street suite 150, Chicago, IL 60602,...

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Bucket Listers is excited to partner with Enklu to offer you exclusive ticket pricing:

💰 Price list:
The Unreal Garden: Starting at $30.28 per person (originally $34.99)
Art of the Future: Starting at $30.28 per person (originally $34.99)
Star Walk: Starting at $30.28 per person (originally $34.99)
🗓️ Monday - Sunday
⏰ Times vary, please check the calendar 
📍 Verse Chicago: 108 North State Street, Suite 150, Chicago, IL, 60602

The Unreal Garden:

Experience the hit immersive exhibit: The Unreal Garden in downtown Chicago. Includes 30 minutes in The Unreal Garden!

The Unreal Garden is an immersive augmented reality experience divided into multiple acts. Explore surreal landscapes, discover a variety of creatures, and complete interactive magic puzzles!
- Immersive Storytelling: Follow the narrative of The Unreal Garden, where every corner offers a new chapter.
- Unforgettable Memories: Share the atmospheric mind-expanding story with a group for an experience you'll remember forever!
- Safety First: We adhere to all health and safety protocols to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our guests.

Art of the Future:

Experience the Convergence of Art and Technology at Art of the Future! Includes 30 minutes in Art of The Future!

Step into a realm where art transcends traditional boundaries, empowered by augmented reality and 3D technology at Gallery 2045. Witness art's evolution and its future. Discover groundbreaking artworks that push the boundaries of imagination and explore the latest trends in digital art, virtual reality, and interactive installations. Engage with talented artists, learn about their creative process, and gain insights into the future of art. Featured artists include Android Jones, Scott Musgrove, Ray Kallmeyer, and Anna Chili.

- Spatial Exploration: Navigate through an immersive 3D gallery space.
- Augmented Reality Masterpieces: Experience art like never before.
- Showcasing Emerging Talents: Discover works by artists like Anna Chili.
- Reworked Classics: Marvel at AI-enhanced reimagining of masterpieces.
- Educational Journey: Learn about the techniques and stories behind classical art, brought to life through AR and 3D technology.

Star Walk:

From the creators of the hit The Unreal Garden, comes the next grand augmented reality adventure, Star Walk: Holographic Odyssey. Includes 30 minutes in Star Walk!

Make an unforgettable memory together exploring our Solar System, the Milky Way, and even further into the Known Universe—using the same holographic visors used by NASA on the International Space Station!

Set to a select arrangement by the maestro himself, immersive yourself to the wonders of the cosmos as you enjoy classical selections by Beethoven! Step into a groundbreaking Augmented Reality journey navigating through celestial bodies like the Sun, Alpha Centauri, and the origin of the WOW Signal!

- Explore the Cosmos: Navigate through our solar system, the Milky Way, and even the Laniakea Supercluster discovering real scientific mysteries!
- Interactive Journey: Engage in puzzles and interactive features to deepen your cosmic knowledge.
- Cutting-Edge Tech: Utilizes state-of-the-art holographic headsets also used by NASA. No motion sickness guaranteed!
- Classical Score: Explore the cosmos to the moving arrangements from classic composer Beethoven!
- Accessible & Inclusive: No prior experience required.

This event is 7+.
All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

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108 North State Street suite 150, Chicago, IL 60602, USA


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