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Published April 1, 2023

Mysterious Cloud Formations Spotted Across Major US Cities

Reports from several cities across the US indicate a distinct UFO-like cloud formation hovering in the sky. 👀☁️

by Bucket Listers


From weather balloons to abnormal cloud formations, it seems we’ve seen an uptick in reports of mysterious sightings in the sky in recent months. These strange phenomena have caused a stir among the public, with many speculating about the nature and origin of these bizarre cloud formations.

One of the most notable incidents occurred this past January when locals in Bursa, Turkey, saw a saucer-like cloud hovering in the sky and took to social media to share photos and speculate. There were also reports of odd cloud formations near Austin earlier this year, as well as an unusual cloud mass floating above the Hudson River in New York.

This morning, reports came in about yet another mysterious cloud-like formation hovering over New York (pictured below), but the incident doesn’t appear to be isolated. Soon after locals posted photos on social media, other east coasters chimed in with similar reports. The formations in question all seem to be lenticular, meaning they are stationary clouds comparable in appearance to a lens or saucer.

More sightings have since been reported in other major cities across the country as well. Locals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Philly, Las Vegas, and Miami have taken to social media to discuss the unusual occurrence. While some skeptics have dismissed these sightings as natural weather phenomena or simply tricks of the light, others believe that there may be something more mysterious at play.

One theory is that these clouds are actually the result of secret military experiments or advanced technology that has yet to be revealed to the public. Another theory suggests that they may be extraterrestrial in origin, with some believing that the clouds may be some sort of cloaking device used by alien spacecraft. See some of the photos captured below:

Los Angeles:


San Francisco:



Despite the many theories and speculations surrounding these mysterious cloud formations, there has been little concrete evidence to support any of them. Until more information becomes available, the sightings remain a mystery and continue to captivate the imaginations of people across the country.

If you happen to step outside and capture the mysterious cloud formation in your city, make sure to tag Bucket Listers (@bucketlisters) on social media so we know you fell for our April Fools’ prank! Love, Bucket Listers—your trusted city guide *364* days a year.

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