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Published April 1, 2024

A Nationwide AI-Powered Bullet Train Was Just Announced for 2026

The Infintity Rail will revolutionize travel in America and aims to welcome riders aboard in time for the 2026 World Cup. 🚄⚡

by Bucket Listers


The United States is set to break ground on its first nationwide high-speed train network this summer, with plans for completion as early as 2026. The Infinity Rail will be the first of its kind, delivering high-speed transportation to over a dozen major US cities and ultimately changing the future of travel in America. The proposed system, approved by the Department of Transportation Monday morning, will also be the first AI-powered train, using a groundbreaking self-driving system that promises a level of safety and reliability previously unseen in traditional rail networks.

The landmark development will bring the country in line with other nations where efficient train travel has long been a cornerstone of intercity transportation. In the US, air travel has been the only high-speed travel option for decades. But anyone who has flown in recent years has been faced with escalating costs and increasing inconveniences. The introduction of a nationwide high-speed train network offers a welcome alternative, providing passengers with a more accessible, affordable, and hassle-free mode of transportation.

The Infinity Rail promises journeys from New York City to Miami in less than three hours. Other planned routes include Seattle to San Diego, Los Angeles to San Francisco, Chicago to Miami, and a Texas route that will connect Houston, Austin, and Dallas. Perhaps most appealing is the dramatic price difference between flying and train travel—estimated costs for certain routes start at just $25.

The initiative comes at a pivotal time as the US prepares to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The proposal cites the World Cup as an impetus for necessitating a stronger transportation infrastructure to accommodate the influx of visitors expected for the event, which has matches scheduled in cities across the country.

While getting travelers from point A to point B more quickly is the primary objective of Infinity Rail, it also aims to redefine the passenger experience. Luxury cars and onboard entertainment will be a key facet and defining differentiator between Infinity Rail and other traditional and high-speed trains. VIP lounges with complimentary drinks and plush seating, entertainment cars with VR headsets, upscale dining rooms with world-renowned chefs, and even yoga, fitness, and meditation rooms are some of the planned onboard amenities. There are also plans for themed rides and journeys—think FIFA wraps and entertainment for the World Cup, artist-themed cars and DJ parties for music festivals, and more.

The Infinity Rail is expected to break ground this summer, and the first riders are expected to board by 2026. See the list below for proposed routes and estimated travel times. You can find more info by clicking on the links for each city.

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